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BotNet: Call to action

Thursday 10 of April, 2008
I read this morning of the new Kraken botnet (cache) and how it is quickly displacing Storm as the latest generator of SPAM and other internet trash. It is time to take serious action to rid the Internet of this blight and I think the large technology companies should be leading the charge. Can the likes of Microsoft, Sun, Google, IBM, Cisco, ATT, Verizon and others (sorry for the US-centric list of companies!) come together in an all-out assault on the existing and proliferating armies of centrally controlled and probably useless to their owner PCs that are making life risky for the PC owner, miserable for the spam police and nerve-racking for the security professional.

I foresee a multi-pronged, multi-media, high and low tech campaign to seek-out and block infected PCs, educate end-users, provide low-cost PC clean-up services and security software.

These companies should see the combined affect of the poor health of the Internet affects the view of their software, and distracts them from the innovation and product development by requiring them to expend resources on value-less changes to their exisiting products.

Hey, Big IT - how about it?