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Sendmail, SASL & Smarthost

Tuesday 25 of November, 2003

We need to start forwarding mail through verizon because sites like AOL are not accepting mail from mail servers on
soft-links(based on IP range). I started researching this and found that first I need:

  • SASL version of sendmail
  • sendmail configured with a smarthost
  • sendmail configured to do SMTP Auth

SASL & Sendmail

Found this page that lead me down the right path (cache)

So I downloaded SASL and followed the instructions to build it, but received and error during 'make':

"kerberos4.c:49:17: krb.h: No such file or directory "

This was resolved by modifying the ./configure step. I used this command-line based on a a link to
http://www.irbs.net/internet/info-cyrus/0207/0196.html (cache):
./configure with-saslauthd=/usr/lib/sasl2 enable-cram \
enable-digest enable-plain disable-anon disable-gssapi \
disable-krb4 disable-otp --with-openssl

Sendmail 8.12.10

Next I had to compile Sendmail. Based on the sendmail book I ran
./Build -c -n (create clean build, no make)
./Build -c
./Build install
Then I restarted sendmail and all was well
(Actually, I received an error:
"libsasl.so.7: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"
At this point I remembered that my SASL build had an error which I resolved and documented above).
Never stop in the middle of something!

Sendmail and SMTP AUTH

Useful links:
http://dbforums.com/arch/181/2002/12/574316 (cache)

Still not getting AUTH from EHLO command