If Then Poems

If your hair is too long Get it cut If your haircutter cuts it too short Wear a hat If you can wear a hat to school Get a wig If your mother says it's too expensive Make your own.

If your foot is stuck in a trashcan Put oil on your foot If the oil makes the garbage smell Use a clothes pin on your nose If the clothes pin falls off Then spray perfume on it If the perfume attracts an animal Then run.



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Feeling Poems

Sadness is blue. It sounds like a loon. It smells like an upside-down cake. It tastes like brussel sprouts. It looks like a rainy day. Sadness feels like a day that never ends.

Happiness is yellow. It sounds like birds twittering. It smells like daisies. It tastes like pound cake. It looks like a warm summer day. -------

Name Poem




Wishes to dance like a professional

Dreams of no more poverty

Wants to live in England

Who wonders what space is like

Who fears spiders

Who is afraid of murderers

Who likes writing

Who believes in leprechauns

Who loves books Who loves Kung Pao Chicken Who loves TV Who loves to be outside

Who plans to be an author Who plans to live in England Who plans to speak German, Japanese and French

Who loves snow -------

Winter Is Poem Winter is. Slippery streets for colorful cars frigid air and powdery snow glistening flurries blindingly white new-fallen snow.

Winter is.. Children sitting by the bright fire after a long day of playing marshmallows sitting in hot chocolate, like kings on their thrones. Making brightly glittering snow angels.

Winter is. White powder drifting to the cold, hard hard ground late at night. Waking up bright and early for an extremely fun snow day. Seeing shining icicles hanging from a blanketed white roof. ------



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