EnsuredMail Project

EnsuredMail will be used for 60 days to pilot encrypted mail for ETS
Here is my lits of requirements

  • Exchange 5.5 Plug-in on IMC server (ROSNT47)
  • App/Web/SQL server
  • SSL Cert for web server
  • Ports 80 & 443 opened thru to web server

Data Flow

  • Within Outlook, user marks message as Confidential
  • IMC plugin intercepts Confidential mail and routes it to AppSvr
  • App svr encrypts msg and forwards to user
  • User receives message.
    • If user has not registered on site, e-mail asks user to register and create an account and password. After registration, java applet downloads for mail decryption
    • Once user has account, e-mail is encrypted and forwarded to user - java applet decrypts
    • User can reply via the applet to ensure encrypted reply
  • Once user replies, message is created via App server and forwarded to ETS mail infrastructure

To understand:

  • Where do we forward messages
    • Outbound mail will be encrypted so virus scan is futile
    • Inbound mail is generated on the App server so no virus is likely to come up

To Do:

  • Test Exchange plugin
  • Decide on message routing

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