NetMeeting Information

ETS is investigating a NetMeeting Directory server. here's what we've found out

  • NM requires an Information Locator Service or ILS. MS shipped the Site Server ILS as part of Win2k. Usethe Add/Remove programs, WIndows Components, Networking Components, Site Server ILS to add it.

    • Once added the server will autmatically run the service.
    • Confniguration is done with the ILSCFG util. The only necessary command is ILSCGF <servername> /publish
    • This appears to publish the service within Active Directory
    • To unpublish, use ILSCFG <servername> /unpublish

  • Netmeeting needs to be configured to use the new directory.
    • Click Tools, Options.
    • On that page click the directory drop downa nd select the directory server.etslan.org
    • Click 'Logon to ds when NM starts' box
    • Clear the 'Do not list my name in the directory' box

  • To add Directory service to Netmeeting
    • Add String value called Name1 to HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Conferencing\UI\Directory
    • Set Value to servername:1002 (ex: Sevenpines.etslan.org:1002)

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