• First the layout
    • The main tiki files are installed in /usr/local/tiki (tiki root)
    • There is a link called source that points to the current distro (i.e. /usr/local/tiki_17)
    • The external tiki directories (images, file galleries, etc) are stored beneath /usr/local/tiki

  • So, to the upgrade (quite easy actually)
    • Dump the MySQL db
    • Stop apache (apachectl stop)
    • Unzip the files into a new directory under the tiki root (ex: /usr/local/tiki/tiki_xy)
    • rm the source link in tiki root (or rename it until you are done
    • recreate the source link (ln -s /usr/local/tiki_xy /usr/local/tiki/source)
    • run the mysql upgrade script


> use tiki

> source /usr/local/tiki_xy/db/tiki_a.btox.y.sql


    • Restart apache (apachectl start)


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