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eek Welcome to Keith and Rebecca's Nut Hut!razz

Welcome, Me Keith, U web-sufer, unngh.

Ok, I am the youngest of the Six children of Nancy and Ed Martin. In case you have not figured it out all ready or have not talked to me in a while, I am a little nutty! I got married a year and a half ago to by darling wife Rebecca, who is just as much of a nut. We are currently living in Bucks County, Pa. No kids, yet! We are unsure if we "Really" want little Keith's running around! One is all this world can take! wink We welcome you to check back here for updates on our life, funny anecdotes, some favorite links, and many many fishing stories from Keith!!!

Updates On Our Life (Like You Care Anyway)rolleyes

  • Well we managed to give the family some more grey hair(yes!!!) this week. We thought that we were moving to Texas. But it turns out that it ain't happening! But the grey hair stays on them!!!

  • Beck's health is the same, we will find out more on Thursday of this week.

Funny Anecdotes ( caution, you may wet your pants!)lol

  • Keith accidently locked the cat outside one night this week. Yeah, accidentlyrolleyes. note: The cat is fine!

  • Keith wore a pair of Ryan's very baggie pants to work one day and had to use plastic strapping material to hold his pants up!

  • It was late at night and Becky and I were at the computer and she had a glass of water and noticed a blue streak in the glass(well I couldn't see it, so I told her she was seeing things!). But what it really was is the tv reflection showing in the glass!! Like Duh!!!

Some of Our Favorite Links wink

  • The Twisted Martins Site:

http://www.geocities.com/ramartin0978/twistedmartins.html (cache)

  • A Very Cool Candle Website ( great candles ) wink


Keith's Fishing Stories (remember he does strentch the truth)rolleyes

  • Spring Time isn't coming soon enough! I have fish fever! lol

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