Free WiFi for Small Business

Tuesday 05 of June, 2012

I had an interesting problem to solve recently. A small business I sometime work for asked if i could implement free WiFi for their customers. They want to keep implementation cheap. I took a look at their network and found it to be rather insecure. While it needs to be addressed, it was outside the scope of this project. So I started thinking about it and tested a few scenarios (including dd-wr)t and came up with the following. NetGear makes a great little wireless router the WGPS606. Besides broadband routing it offers two wireless SSIDs including a guest wireless. On the guest wireless access can be restricted to only the WAN port of the router. This was key to implementing this securely. The business is using a Comcast connection and the router has very little configuration available. I uplinked the netgear router into the comcast router and most importantly moved all other LAN connections into the new Netgear router so the only connection to the comcast router was the netgear. With this config, traffic for the PCs on the LAN is segregated from traffic on the customer wireless and everything works well. \\Greg ""Always do right- this will gratify some and astonish the rest. " -Mark Twain (1835-1910)"