Greetings from AFRICA!!!!

7/31/04 - Saturday

Greetings from AFRICA!!!!

We're here; all 19 of us!!!!!!!!!! We arrived safe and as sound as we're going to get! and it only took us about 48 hours. Some of us feel like we've finally arrived home. We all really need showers but, other than that we're ALL FINE! Cathy and Katy really need a shower since Katy threw up on her Mom sometime in the middle of the night at around 35,000 feet.

We almost lost the Martins in Customs due to the fact that Greg was trying to smuggle contraband into Zambia! Just kidding about the contraband ~ I'm really referring to the wonderful sound system that we're leaving to Grace Ministries -- thanks to our own VBC children who raised the money to pay for it.

As I type this, we are all up to our elbows sorting out the 19 ministry bags that we brought to both ALARM and Grace Ministries thanks to all of YOU!

A barbecue has been planned for tonight and then tomorrow we will head off to a 4 hour church service where some of us will preach, share testimonies and provide music.

That's it for now; we will try to write again as the time and opportunity permit.

For His glory, Donna for the Zambia Africa Team