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PHP debugging

Saturday 02 of December, 2006

I needed to do some debugging of the LDAP authentication with Tikiwiki 1.9.7. I needed a way to see how variables were being set. I found this page on debugging (cache).

I created a file called lib/debug2.inc under /tiki and set the permissions for apache.

I added this line to tiki-index.php:

include ('lib/debug2.inc');

Once that's done, you use this line to print a variable:

debug2_(FILE, LINE, variablename, $variable);

The output is sent to /tiki/debug.out. I ran tail -f debug.out while I was working.

One thing to note., with this loaded, while everything else worked, I could not display tiki-index.php. I would get the error:

"File open failed - global.var.inc"