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Printing to the Lexmark e260dn from Linux

Saturday 29 of August, 2009

Found a great tip on how to print to this printer here (cache). Here's my attempt.

I have the e260dn attached to a WinXP desktop that has IPP printing enabled.
- Download the PPD file for the e352dn from here (cache) and save it to a file

- From within the Cups Printer mgmt page select Add Printer
- Specify the name and other details, click Continue
- For Device select Appsocket/HPJetdirect, click continue
- In the URI field enter http://printserver/printers/printersharename/.printer replacing printserver with the WinXp computername and printersharename with the windows printer share name.
- upload the PPD file saved in step one to the CUPS server in the 'Provide a PPD file' box, click Add Printer