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Stopping Akonadi in KDE 4.2

Saturday 05 of September, 2009

I loaded Slackware 13 on a laptop I use mostly for remote administration and other casual uses. At every startup, Akonadi also starts up; the progress bar jumps on top and stays there for 30 seconds and its generally make a nuisance of itself. Since I'm not likely to use this laptop as a PIM, I poked around to get it to stop.

- First thing, by default, "Korganizer" runs in the tray for reminder notification. I right-clicked and disabled notifications.

- Next I looked at KResources in the "KDE Setting"s applet and made sure none of them we associated with an Akonadi store.

- Finally, I stopped the kres-migrator from running (and trying to convert my non-existant data into Akonadi) using this command:

kwriteconfig file kres-migratorrc group Migration key Enabled type bool false