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Active Directory is the killer app for Powershell

Friday 25 of February, 2011
We did something not so smart in AD a few months back. To fix it, we needed to reset a bunch of passwords and clear the passwordneverexpires flag on some 250 accounts. PoSh<a href="tiki-editpage.php?page=PoSh" title="Create page: PoSh" class="wiki wikinew">?</a> to the rescue!<br />  Note: this is a Win2k3 domain that we don't own, so I have to use the Quest AD cmdlets.<br />

 To find the accounts did this &lt;/br&gt;

<div class="code">get-qaduser /path/to/OU -passwordneverexpires|select Name,DN,Samaccountname,passwordneverexpires &lt;/br&gt;| export-csv "C:\temp\file.csv"</div> <p>Next we took the exported csv file and added a column named password and generated a bunch of strong passwords.  What was left was a one-liner to make the changes (Note: I removed the  object definition from the first line of the csv)</p> <div class="code">import-csv "c:\temp\file.csv |foreach { get-qaduser $_.samaccountname | set-qaduser -userpassword $_.password -passwordneverexpires $false }</div> <p> The ease with which import-csv allows you to read in and address the fields of a csv/spreadsheet is incredible.  The way the Quest cmdlets and the MS AD cmdlets allow you to act on multiple accounts at once is powerful.</p> <br />