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Watching the This Week in Tech (TWiT) network on PS3 Media Server

Thursday 10 of March, 2011

I've been working with the PS3 Media Server (cache) to stream video to my Sony Bravia TV (which is picky about formats). PMS also support web feeds and streams. Since some my favorite podcasts are from the TWiT network (cache), I did some work to make the shows available through PMS.
The WEB.conf file is used to set this up. I started by grabbing the YouTube playlists for each show, but the streams from youtube are slow, stutter and generally suck. Instead, I grabbed the RSS feeds from twit.tv and added the following to my Web.conf

videofeed.Web: Video,TWiT=http://feeds.twit.tv/twig_video_large

videofeed.Web: Video,TWiT=http://feeds.twit.tv/twit_video_large

videofeed.Web: Video,TWiT=http://feeds.twit.tv/ww_video_large

videofeed.Web: Video,TWiT=http://feeds.twit.tv/floss_video_large

videofeed.Web: Video,TWiT=http://feeds.twit.tv/ipad_video_large

videofeed.Web: Video,TWiT=http://feeds.twit.tv/mbw_video_large

videofeed.Web: Video,TWiT=http://feeds.twit.tv/tnt_video_large

videofeed.Web: Video,TWiT=http://feeds.twit.tv/sn_video_large

videofeed.Web: Video,TWiT=http://feeds.twit.tv/dgw_video_large

videofeed.Web: Video,TWiT=http://feeds.twit.tv/tnt_video_large

Next I need to figure out how to stream the live feed. Any idea how to find the H.264 feed?

Update: I found the feed address to stream TWiT Live (cache). Add this line to Web.conf:

videostream.Web: Video,TWiT=TwiTLive,http://bglive-a.bitgravity.com/twit/live/high