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Nagios check_by_ssh configuration

Tuesday 29 of November, 2011

I just spent a couple hours with nagios setting up remote Linux monitoring using check_by_ssh. There are some pitfalls that I discovered that may save you some trouble.

- The local user account that nagios runs under and that the checks will be initiated by, for my install it's nagios, must have a home directory and shell defined. Failure to do so may result in the error: Remote command execution failed: Could not create directory '/.ssh'.

- To complete configuration of the nagios account, login as nagios (I used su - nagios); use ssh to login to the remote host you wish to monitor and successfully cache the remote host fingerprint.

- The account on the remote box used for monitoring must also have a valid shell and home directory defined. Failure to do so may result in a No protocol specified error.