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Passive Nagios Checks

Wednesday 07 of December, 2011

Had to learn how to submit passive Nagios checks. Here are the steps

  • Define a service or modify a service template to set the directives
passive_checks_enabled 1
active_checks_enabled	0
  • Install and configure nsca service on nagios
  • Install and configure send_nsca utility on the server that needs to submit the check.

  • Write your service check to output the following text to a file called outfile:
Hostname;Service Description;return code;text output
  • execute send_nsca to send the output to the nagios server with this command-line
cat outfile | send_nsca -H nagios_svr_addr -d \; -p 5667

This command sends the file output received from stdin to send_nsc.
Note: the default delimiter for the output file is a tab. I changed it to the semi-colon for simplicity here and set that tion by using -d on the command line. As ; is special to bash, I escaped it with \.