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Specify a PowerShell Module Manifest

Friday 06 of April, 2012

I loaded the Authenticode (cache) module from PoshCode today. Thanks to Joel Bennett for the module. In order to not type the cert info all the time, I had to specify a module manifest with privateData. here's the command that worked:

New-ModuleManifest snippet
New-ModuleManifest H:\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\Authenticode\Authenticode.psd1 -Nested H:\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\Authenticode\Authenticode.psm1  -ModuleToProcess "Authenticode" -Author "gmartin" -Company "MyCo" `
-Copy "2012" -Desc "script signing tools" -Types @() -Formats @() -RequiredMod @() -RequiredAs @() `
-fileList @() -PrivateData AE713D19867XXXXXXXXXX622F4B69DB5F4EE01B2