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Using Windows Server Web Platform Installer

Saturday 20 of October, 2012

Quick instructions for installing using the Windows Web Platform Installer tool in Windows server 2008 & Win 7. Note - if you are installing from Microsoft's Web Gallery, the process is much more automatic. The following procedure is necessary only if you need to install from the stand-alone package.

  • Open Server Manager and navigate down Roles/Web Server to the Default Web Site. Select the Default Web Site.
  • Using the Features View, in the Action Pane (Right), select Import Application(option missing? - see below)*
  • Browser to the zip file, select it and click Open, then Next.
  • The Application package will open with all steps selected. Click Next.
  • Select your database options (MySQL, and Create New are defaults) - Click Next.
  • Enter a new application path and database server info if you don't like the defaults. Scroll down to enter the sa password and the tiki db user password.
  • Click Next to run the install
  • After the install completes, open up a browser and point it at the site. (Default URL is http://localhost/tiki).
  • At this point the Tiki install will begin

(*Note: if this option is missing, download and install the Web Platform Installer v4 from here http://www.microsoft.com/web/downloads/platform.aspx. You will also need to install MySQl from the database category of Web PI as well as php from the Frameworks category)