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Building a BrewPi

Tuesday 23 of January, 2018

I was a technology geek for years prior to brewing. I have a degree in Computer Science and have worked as a Systems Engineer and Engineering manager for 30 years.  Since 2012, brewing gave me a hobby different in many ways from my work.  At the same time it feeds my need to learn new things. 
For Christmas this year my wife gave me a Tilt Hydrometer.  It's a great device that measures specific gravity by   floating in the wort and reports it via bluetooth to a smart phone app.

Of course, the first question I asked was - what if I want to log this data. A bit of research lead  me to the BrewPi software and then to Fermentrack. Fermentrack is derived from Brewpi and it has the ability to receive the bluetooth dat from Tilt and graph it over time.  Here's my  experience building the device. 

First, I bought  a CanaKit from Amazon.