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Managing TPLink Wi-fi Smart Plug with Powershell

Thursday 14 of June, 2018

I was given a TPLink HP100 WiFi Smart Plug the other day.  HS100 It works wit TPLink's Kasa service and from your smart phone.  Kasa does support remote control of the devices and this is done through a Restful API service.  As  have a SmartThings hub, I went looking for a way to integrate it with that.  Integration isn't directly available but I found this useful article from the ITNerd Space blog that shows you how to use .json posts to a Rest service to manages the device.

My scripting language of choice is PowerShell (now available on Linux) so I wrote a couple scripts to turn the plug on & off and query the state.

The script handles all the setup, you need only provide it with your Kasa service credentials and the alias for the smart plug.