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NSCLient++ and Real-time Eventlog checks

Monday 02 of November, 2020

I am trying to get NSCLient++ to work with NSCA to do real-time eventlog checks.  It's complicated, so here are my notes. The documentation on this is a bit thin so if there are holes here, comments are welcome.  And up front - a shout-out to the NSClient++ lead dev - Michael Medin.  He did a lot of work over many years to get the client in the shape its in.  This work is based on v5.2.35 of the client.


The real-time log & eventlog system has two parts.  I'll call them the filter (or sensor) and the reporter.  The filter/sensor decides what events to look for and is configured under these setting headings:



the root heading is not used by me
the /settings/eventlog/real-time heading is used to enable the real-time sensor and set some defauts:
startup age=30m