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Home Assistant issues

Wednesday 28 of April, 2021

I loaded Home Assistant in December and LOVE IT!  I've automated lights in my kitchen and office based on motion and have our decorative lights on a time-based automation as well. But, I've had some pains.  The biggest was my time-based automations wouldn't trigger on time.  I run HA OS in a VirtualBox VM.  Initially that VM was running on Debian.  Out of desparation to fix the timing issue (pretty basic, I know), I moved the VM to a WIndows host.  It solved the issue.  

What I failed to do was stop the Debian based VM from autostarting on reboot of the host.  Well, I rebooted the host and it came up. So the two servers had the same IP and HA was non-functional.  Below is the post I put up in the HA Community.

Copied from my HA post:

My HA has been a mess for three days I don’t know where to start. I use SmartThings to talk to my devices on zwave and zigbee. Sunday I installed a couple Inovelli black dimmers without excluding the black series switch devices I removed. About the same time, HA started acting very weird. So what is weird?

1 - When I go to integrations, various ones will report being ‘not loaded’. Tuya, Plex, SmartThings have all done this.

2 - on the Supervisor page, some installed add-ons are not listed some time and show loaded at others Mosquito Broker is the one I notice

3 - Lovelace pages load without status, then refresh and might have status. Or, they load with status, then refresh all greyed out.
3.5 Web pages refresh randomly - even on Firfox

4 - Various integrations aren’t displaying the reload option. SmartThings being the one I notice most.

5 - the iOS app displayed an SSL error and wouldn’t connect for two days. (working now)

6 - Supervisor kept switching from showing I was running core v21.4.3 to 21.4.6.

7 - Configuration.yaml entries went missing
8 - many automations just stopped working. (motion based/time based)

Details: Running core 21.4.6, supervisor 21.4.0, running HA OS 5.13 in a VM

VM disk is 35% usage. htop in the terminal says HA is using 1.1GB of 1.9GB

What I’ve done: Restored a Saturday full backup on Monday; restarted SmartThings; reinstalled the original switches (only due to an incompatibility with the LED lights I was hoping to control)

I’m at a lost on what to do next.

Here are recent log entries showing the many things not working well:


Updating tuya light took longer than the scheduled update interval

0:00:15 8:51:04 PM – (WARNING) Light - message first occurred at 9:34:59 AM and shows up 734 times Updating device list from legacy took longer than the scheduled scan interval

0:00:10 8:50:57 PM – (WARNING) Device tracker - message first occurred at 8:27:28 AM and shows up 1041 times Unexpectedly disconnected from Roomba, code Bad protocol

8:50:54 PM – (WARNING) /usr/local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/roombapy/roomba.py - message first occurred at 8:24:53 AM and shows up 689 times Timeout fetching MartinOrbi (Gateway) data

8:50:51 PM – (ERROR) UPnP - message first occurred at 8:23:52 AM and shows up 236 times Updating tplink switch took longer than the scheduled update interval 0

:00:30 8:50:38 PM – (WARNING) switch - message first occurred at 8:29:27 AM and shows up 38 times Error fetching roku data: Invalid response from API: Timeout occurred while connecting to device

8:50:18 PM – (ERROR) Roku - message first occurred at 8:23:47 AM and shows up 631 times Error scanning devices

8:50:17 PM – (WARNING) netgear - message first occurred at 8:27:48 AM and shows up 293 times Error talking to API

8:50:17 PM – (ERROR) /usr/local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/pynetgear/init.py - message first occurred at 8:27:48 AM and shows up 277 times Update of switch.tree_2 is taking over 10 seconds

8:49:48 PM – (WARNING) helpers/entity.py - message first occurred at 8:28:07 AM and shows up 144 times Could not connect to Plex server: HDA PLex (HTTPSConnectionPool(host='plex.tv', port=443): Read timed out. (read timeout=30))

8:43:01 PM – (ERROR) Plex Media Server - message first occurred at 8:26:44 AM and shows up 166 times Websocket connection failed, retrying in 15s: Cannot connect to host 192-168-1-3.b330529e76874d1089e7f2db80e08369.plex.direct:32400 ssl:default Try again

8:42:45 PM – (ERROR) /usr/local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/plexwebsocket.py - message first occurred at 8:28:12 AM and shows up 122 times