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Smarthost Relaying

Friday 28 of November, 2003

in my last post I spent a lot of time discussing how to install SASL and configure Sendmail to do SMTP AUTH.
I was confusing smartthost authentication with user authentication. I found an article on comp.mail.sendmail
that hinted to the problem and directed me to the sendmail README in /usr/share/sendmail/cf/

All I needed to do was

  • configure the sendmail smarthost

    • in gmartin.mc


  • tell sendmail where to relay mail

    • configure access.db to tell sendmail how & where to store access information.

FEATURE(`access_db', `hash -T<TMPF> /etc/mail/access')dnl

  • modify access.db
    • Edit /etc/mail/access
    • Add the login info:
    • Authinfo:outgoing.verizon.net "U:vze1jt1m" "I:vze1jt1m@verizon.net" "P:xxxxxx" "R:outgoing.verizon.net" "M:PLAIN"
    • Rebuld access.db

makemap hash access <access

Note: The other entries in access.db are the hosts to accept as relay hosts