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Webmin add-on

Saturday 11 of February, 2012

I downloaded Webmin as it seems to become somewhat of an MMC for Linux. The install went as planned. Webmin is excellent at guessing what needs to be done, asking if it should and then just working. Webmin is fully extensible and there are hundreds of modules for managing every possible aspect of the system. I was on a hunt to find a mailman module (mailman is a mailing list manager). All references to the existing mailman module says the new version is in development, but I cannot find any real information on it. During my discovery, I found du.wbm which purports to display disk usage information is pretty pie charts. I'm not affraid to get dirty, but graphics are a great way to monitor things. I downloaded and used the webmin interface to install. It found that I did not have the perl GD module and asked to install it. i said yes and had a problem with the make. i received an error "gd.h: file or directory not found". After asking around on LinuxQuestions, DaHammer suggested I run 'locate libgd' to verify that I have libgd installed - duh! (To my credit I had done a find for libgd* and received results. I think there are other modules closely named). At this point I need to download and install the libgd and I'm awaiting a link for the download. \\Greg