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Tiki Move

Monday 12 of April, 2004
Tiki Move

Tiki was migrated to linux2.gmartin.org over easter weekend. The new server is twice the speed (400mhz) and 3x RAM (320MB). Pages load much faster and graphics are rendered quickly. John is testing externally.

I moved the data using mysqldump and mysql. The config looks like this

  • Tiki is installed to /usr/local/tiki-<version> with a link to /usr/local/tiki
  • Files are stored extrnal in /usr/local/tiki/files
  • Images in /usr/local/tiki/imagegal

Still to do:

  • Upgrade tiki to 1.7.7 or 1.8.4
  • Install phpMyAdmin (use webmin until then)
  • Configure Sendmail
  • Move mailboxes
  • Move Mailman