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Auto login to the Linksys WRT54GS Parental Control

Sunday 02 of October, 2005
Auto login to the Linksys WRT54GS Parental Control

So we use the WRT54GS v2 for Parental Control. The PC software has a per user login that tracks what sites/IM/E-mail you use and restricts access based on time, site, user, etc. More can be found on the Linksys site (cache).

I have a Linux server that runs e-mail, a web site and keeps my dynamic dns up-to-date. in order for it to work, it must aleays be logged into parental control. Problem is that whenever the server or router is restarted, I have to manually log in the server so it can work. Until now. With the release of the 3.x and 4.x firmware, a new feature was added to allow you to "auto-login" particular PCs or gaming device. it took me 3 tech support chat sessions before I was able to convice Linksys tech support that the router now supported the feature (I had to read them the release notes!) and that they should find out how to do it. Here's what you do! (Thanks to Bryan Beals at Cisco for finally sending me the docs)

  • upgrade the router firmware to the latest version (currently 4.70.6)
  • Go to the Parental Control Support page (cache)
  • Reconnect your router (this is important - it will upgrade the version of firmware on file and allow you to get the new settings

Once this is done, you are ready to setup the PC to autologin

  • Get the MAC address for you PC. It will look like this 00:40:93:35:41:42 or this 00-40-92-35-41-47. You can get this address from the DHCP Clients table on your router if the client is currently connected and using DHCP (it is unless you've done something to stop it). That table is located at Status, Local Network, DHCP Clients Table.
  • Go Back to the Parental Control Support page. Click the Family Settings menu option.
  • Look for the hyperlink "here" text in the beginning of the instructions and click it:
"Click a family member's name to change their Internet privileges. Click here to automatically use a family member's privileges on a specific computer or device.
  • Enter a name for the device (e.g. XBox)
  • Enter the MAC address use the colon as a separator (e.g. 00:40:93:35:41:42). Note: There is a link to see the currently connected devices. Click "Show me the known devices", highlight the device you wish to use and click Move then Close
  • Pick the existing family member's setting that you wish to use. The device will always use the permissions of the familiy member you've chosen. You might consider creating a special family member for the device.
  • Click Add, then click Save.

That's it. Now the device you specified will always be logged in to Parental Controls.