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Slackware 11 Install

Friday 06 of October, 2006

I'm planning a Slackware 11 install and upgrade. I have new hardware (Dell GX620 Dual core, 2GB RAM, 250Gb SATA drive and the Intel 945 chipset.

My current system is an old Dell GX110, 1Ghz, 360MB RAM. I've installed quite a few packages over time. Here's my list


I've downloaded the ISOs (hurray for bittorrent), burned them, printed and read the Readme, changes & hints and other pertinent docs from disk 1.

My next step is to boot from CD and partition the drive. I'm trying to find the best way to do that (yeah there are only guideline). I like using / & swap so that I can take advantage of one big disk, but I think there is benefit to segregating data from system.. Problem is I tend to store data in /var and custom programs in /usr/local so if I switch both out to their own partitions, I'm asking for future trouble. I think I'll go with the single partition for now.

Next decision was what FS to use. I read an article recently where SUSE dumped Reiserfs as the default format for disks. In reading their reasoning (basically, lack of developer interest), I've decided to use ext3 instead.)

Everything installed. I selected the huge26.s kernel and rebooted. I did receive an error on boot that an unsupported video mode was selected. I'll need to do some work in lilo.conf

I ran xorgsetup and started kde. After firing up Firefox it appears there is no network. Sure enough ifconfig shows only 'lo'

I need to copy some files from my backup PC. I've reconfigured smb.conf and started it, but at the moment it will not find the PC. Guess I'll come back in the morning.