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Slackware 11 (part 2)

Saturday 07 of October, 2006

This morning I started cleanup of the problems listed above. Since I selected the huge26.s kernel, I need to load the modules for the 2.6.17.x modules. They are on disk2 in /extra/linux- directory. I loaded the linux-kernels- package using 'installpkg linux-kernels-'

I also edited /etc/lilo.conf to comment out vgs=790 and uncomment vga=791. I restarted. 'Ifconfig' reported the network problems are resolved, but I still have the video mode problem. Then I remembreed I didn't re-run 'lilo' after the lilo,conf edit. I did so, restarted again and that was resolved.

Next things - I have no sound (predicted by Pat V.) and my machine is only recognizing one core. (less /proc/cpuinfo shows only processor :0 info ) That's because this kernel is not SMP.
The sound will be solved by using a 2.4.x modules. I'm not sure how that works yet.
At this point, I'm going to switch to the kernel

  • The kernel package is in /disk2/extra
  • copied the kernel, config and system.map file to /boot
  • created a link to system.map and config in the /boot directory
  • edit lilo.conf and added the new image
  • ran lilo to re-read the config

On reboot, I selected the smp kernel, but there were a bunch of errors about missing modules and the keyboard didn't work. So i restarted the hard way confused

I found the kernel modules in /disk2/extra/ and loded the kernel-module package. After reboot, I have two cores, and 2GB RAM

All goodness!