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Bemba Home Page
Hope for Zambian Orphans
About the Ministry
 In the summer of 1999, a team of missionaries from Antioch Bible Church in the Seattle, Washington  area went to Zambia, in the southern part of Africa. There, it was learned that ten percent of the  population of that country has AIDS, resulting in over 360,000 children left orphaned and homeless. With  Zambia being one of the poorest of the African nations, there was no way to care for these unfortunate  and innocent victims. Amidst this tragedy and hopelessness, Grace Church of Zambia was founded,
 with a strong committment to help these orphaned children.

The sounds of worship and praise from within Grace Church, without the aid of any musical instruments, made such an impression on the missionaries that they returned to Zambia the following summer, to record the music and bring it back. Using the simplest of equipment brought from home, and by the grace of God, they were able to produce a professional-quality recording from within the walls of Grace Church.
About the CD
 Through the ministry team to Zambia from Antioch Bible Church, this music was recorded and  produced as another way to help the orphans in the Southern region of Africa. The choir is from  Kabwe, Zambia and through the venue of song they are trying to do their part in helping those  underprivileged members of their society and make a positive difference.

 Through the generous donation of time, effort and finances, the CD has been produced and underwritten so that all the proceeds from donations will go directly to the “Community Care Project” in Zambia to help the orphans.

Listen to 20 seconds of music off the CD:  start music   stop music

To obtain the CD:
  1. Send your request for the CD, with a donation of ten dollars or more and your mailing address, to the address below:

            Grace Ministries International
            2125 Martindale SW
            Wyoming, MI 49509

  2. Use the “Bemba Praise” link on the tbsministries website.