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Our Missionaries:

Carl and Joanne Moyer

Dan and Tina Moyer

Jeff and Sally Roth


The ministry in Zambia was started in 1994 through the outreach of the Grace Church in Tanzania and their evangelism department. In 1996, after reaching out and establishing a preaching point, the Grace Church in Tanzania, in partnership with Grace Ministries International, sent a missionary team of two couples, Kennedy and Sophia Simutowe and Daniel and Tina Moyer, to start the new work.

Since that time, the Lord has blessed the ministry and Zambia has become a base of operations to reach out into the various countries around the southern region. The vision of the Grace Church in Zambia is to start an outreach in a new country every year. As of September 2002, there are graduates of the Zambia Grace Bible Institute in Malawi, Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. There have been 17 preaching points and four churches established in Zambia, three preaching points in Zimbabwe, and two preaching points and one church in Malawi.

The current missionary staff is in three categories:

Grace Ministries International missionaries: Daniel and Tina Moyer, Jeff and Sally Roth, Carl and Joanne Moyer

Grace Ministries International associate missionaries: Kennedy and Sofia Simtowe

Harvest Time Missions missionaries (regional, Zambian based organization): Brian & Patricia Mbao and Crispin Mundia


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