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MySQL: The World's Most Popular Open Source Database

MySQL Database Available on IBM eServer zSeries

MySQL AB announced that the MySQL™ database is available on IBM eServer zSeries running Linux. With MySQL for Linux on zSeries, developers can create MySQL-based applications for the IBM mainframe, a family of powerful enterprise servers designed for secure, heavy-load e-business and enterprise applications. MySQL also announced enhanced support for IBM's AIX operating system.

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The Cathedral in the Bazaar

Open Magazine"Open Source and Free Software have fundamentally changed the software business. While countless dot-coms went bust over the past two years, Open Source did not. We have seen how Open Source as a business is much more than Linux."

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Enhanced MySQL Software for Mac OS X Available from MySQL AB

Today at Macworld Expo, MySQL AB, developer of the world's most popular open source database, announced that a MySQL binary installer in ".pkg" format, the standard for software installation on Mac OS X, will be available in February.

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Westone Amplifies Database Performance with MySQL

Westone Laboratories is a leading global manufacturer of custom-made products for the ear, and the company relies on the MySQL database server to power an increasing number of its most critical data management applications.

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Road to Open Source

eWeekThe State of Rhode Island put itself on the cutting edge of hot-technology uptake last year when it became one of the first state governments to get beyond traditional government conservatism and implement open-source technology . . and the gamble is paying off.

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License to Profit

New Architect There's no denying that open source has revolutionized the world of software, but is there a way for a company to make a profit with an open source product? MySQL AB has built a strong business by offering its software with a hybrid open-source/commercial license.

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MySQL Releases Database Upgrade with Major Security, Stability Enhancements

A new upgrade release of the MySQL database is now available, Version 3.23.54, which includes significant enhancements to database security and stability that resolve issues reported to the company last week, as well as other bug fixes. MySQL Version 4.0.6, which also addresses the recent security issues, will be released by the end of this week.

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Which financial management software package does your company use?

Microsoft/Great Plains
Intuit Quickbooks
SAP Business ONE
Sage Group
Oracle E-Business Suite
Other / Don't Know
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A CTO gives thanks

InfoWorldChad Dickerson, CTO of InfoWorld, gives thanks for open source software solutions, including the MySQL database server.

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Monty Widenius Interview

Codewalkers.comThe readers at Codewalkers.com came up with the questions, and Michael "Monty" Widenius, MySQL AB's CTO and co-founder, came up with the answers. Learn about the future plans for the MySQL database server, and what Monty really thinks about beans.

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MySQL Thanks the Free Software Foundation

On behalf of MySQL AB, I would like to openly express my gratitude for the tireless efforts the Free Software Foundation puts forth to preserve, protect and promote free software. In particular, I'd like to thank the Free Software Foundation for diligently policing the use of the GNU General Public License (GPL), defending GPL developers against license breaches, and educating the world in the principles of free software.

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MySQL Database Receives 2002 Linux Journal Readers' Choice Award for Fifth Year

Linux Journal Readers' Choice AwardsMySQL is proud to announce that the MySQL database has won, for the fifth year in a row, the Linux Journal Readers' Choice Award in the database category.

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MySQL AB announces its new "Developing Dynamic Web Applications with MySQL and PHP" course

MySQL AB and Rasmus Lerdorf, the creator of the PHP programming language, partnered to create this new course enabling participants to be in position to develop efficient web applications with MySQL and PHP. The first course will take place in San Francisco from December 9th to 13th and will be jointly taught by the trainers from MySQL AB and Rasmus Lerdorf!

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SD TimesAndrew Binstock of SD Times looks at how MySQL and other open source databases may be poised to explode in the wake of Linux's success in the enterprise market.

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MySQL to be included with NetWare 6, Essbase

InfoWorldInfoworld takes a look at the recent announcement that Novell will bundle the MySQL database server with Novell® Netware® 6.

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