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New Porting Guide: Win32 API to Mac OS X

Download December 2002 Developer Tools

New Release: Mac OS X 10.2.3

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Newbies Find Help in O'Reilly's Latest Apache Book
Updated book welcomes new webmasters to Apache.


Traffic Engineering: Specific Routes
Learn to balance incoming traffic by announcing specific routes.


Falcon's Eye: The Making-Over of Nethack  Few games have the staying power of Nethack, yet its interface hasn't strayed from its roguelike roots. Enter Jaakko Peltonen's Falcon's Eye. Gaming author Howard Wen explores the new clothes on a classic game.   [ONLamp.com]

Synchronizing Networks with NTP  Accurate timekeeping is vital to accurate records, and accurate logs are the mainstay of good system administration. Glenn Graham explains NTP (the Network Time Protocol) and how to put it to work on your network.   [Linux DevCenter]

Security Alerts
Buffer Overflows in SSH and PHP  Noel Davis looks at buffer overflows in SSH, PHP, typespeed, Cyrus IMAP Server, Cyrus SASL library, and pdftops; and problems with PFinger, KDE, and zkfingerd.   [Linux DevCenter]

FreeBSD Basics
Cryptosystems: Configuring IPSec  VPNs make it possible to have secure networks on top of the insecure public Internet. Having explained the concepts, Dru Lavigne's newest Cryptosystems article demonstrates how to configure IPSec.   [BSD DevCenter]

Return of the Independent Game Developer?  How different are games from other potentially open source programs? The recent Independent Game Developers Conference lead chromatic to ask that very question. Find out what's happening in the game development world and why some people think independent developers are about to become very important.   [ONLamp.com]

Cooking with MySQL  Paul DuBois has selected sample recipes from the hundreds you'll find in his book, MySQL Cookbook. In this third and final series of excerpts showcasing these recipes, learn how to compute team standings, how to calculate the differences between successive rows, and how to find cumulative sums and running averages.   [ONLamp.com]

Multiuser Subversion  Your source code is too important to be left to chance. Having introduced Subversion, Rafael Garcia-Suarez demonstrates how to use it for multiuser, distributed projects. What can this modern, powerful source-control system do for you?   [Apache DevCenter]

Getting Started with FreeRADIUS  This excerpt from Chapter 5 of RADIUS focuses on practical applications of this protocol: implementing it, customizing it for your specific needs, and extending its capabilities to meet other needs in your business--all using a RADIUS server called FreeRADIUS.   [ONLamp.com]

Securing Small Networks with OpenBSD
Downloading Files from Behind the Firewall  Securing your network often means saying "no" to some user requests and "try this instead" to others. Instead of punching holes in your firewall, can you educate your users to use better tools? Jacek Artymiak describes effective downloading utilities, and strategies to promote them.   [BSD DevCenter]

IRIX Binary Compatibility, Part 5  How do you emulate a thread model on an operating system that doesn't support native threads (in user space, anyway)? Emmanuel Dreyfus returns with the fifth article of his series on reverse engineering and kernel programming. This time, he explains thread models and demonstrates how NetBSD emulates IRIX threads.   [BSD DevCenter]

Cooking with MySQL  Paul DuBois has selected sample recipes from the hundreds you'll find in his book, MySQL Cookbook. In this second article in a three-part series showcasing these recipes, find out how to manage simultaneous AUTO_INCREMENT values, and how to use AUTO_INCREMENT values and related tables.   [ONLamp.com]

Vanishing Features of the 2.6 Kernel  "Housecleaning is almost an obsession in Linux," writes Jerry Cooperstein. The upcoming 2.6 kernel is no exception. While there are always new features to add, there are always features to polish and features to remove. Here's what you won't see in 2.6.   [Linux DevCenter]

PHP Foundations
Working with Files in PHP, Part Two  The Web was once a purely-text medium, but no longer. Now it's spiced with images, movies, and sounds. What's a PHP programmer to do? With the return of John Coggeshall and in the second part of his series on working with files in PHP, he covers binary files.   [PHP DevCenter]

FreeBSD Basics
VPNs and IPSec Demystified  How do you allow remote users to access resources on your network securely over an insecure connection? With a VPN. Never fear, Dru Lavigne's latest Cryptosystems column explains the concepts and terminology behind the technology.   [BSD DevCenter]

Slinky SliMP3: An Affordable MP3 Stereo Component  With Christmas right around the corner, what does self-respecting geek Nat Torkington want under his tree? A hardware MP3 player that connects to his stereo and his home network. Read on to find out how well he likes it.   [ONLamp.com]

Top Five Open Source Packages for System Administrators  Æleen Frisch, author of the recently released Essential System Administration, 3rd Edition, offers the fourth installment in a five-part series on the most useful and widely applicable open source administrative tools. As the countdown continues this week, we've got number two, Nagios.   [ONLamp.com]

mdadm: A New Tool For Linux Software RAID Management  Derek Vadala, author of Managing RAID with Linux, looks at the new mdadm (multiple devices admin) package, a simple, yet robust way to manage software arrays. In this article, Derek covers installation and mdadm's five major modes of operation.   [Linux DevCenter]

Generating One-Time URLs with PHP  Not everything on the Internet is designed for archival. Some data is time- or recipient-sensitive and should be protected. Daniel Solin demonstrates how to generate URL access keys for sensitive data with PHP.   [PHP DevCenter]

Security Alerts
Samba Vulnerabilities  Noel Davis looks at problems in Samba, Pine, FreeS/WAN, Solaris priocntl(), Traceroute NANOG, kon2, libcgi-tucbr, Python, pServ, and Alcatel OmniSwitch switches.   [Linux DevCenter]

Samba Pushes the Boundaries Again  With version 2.2 stable and well-deployed version Samba 3.0 just around the corner, the Samba team has been very busy. In this article, Dustin Puryear explores some of the new and surprising features in recent builds.   [Linux DevCenter]

Traffic Engineering: Incoming Traffic  In this third installment on Traffic Engineering, excerpted from O'Reilly's BGP, learn how to balance inbound traffic.   [ONLamp.com]

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William Grosso William Grosso's Weblog
About those Linux boxes
One of my predictions for 2003 was a little more controversial than the others. This is a follow-article, explaining why I think Walmart's entry into the Linux market is a big deal. (Jan 05, 2003)

Citrix claims total tax exemption under First Amendment [Matthew Gast]

About those Linux boxes [William Grosso]

Now Corporations Claim the "Right to Lie" [Tim O'Reilly]

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